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During the lead up to our race in December 2021 and during the event
we will document and publicise our journey as widely as possible.

This page captures the key milestones of our journey and training.
Also check out our Instagram page @indeepship2021 for more regular updates.

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During our May training we were lucky enough to spend some time with him both on and off the water.

John from 
@row4heroes Atlantic Guardsman showed us the ropes, taught us essential drills, and passed along his knowledge and experiences from his own Atlantic crossing. The introduction to on water ocean rowing was invaluable and we really valued our time with him.

And to top it off the guy gives epic banter! Don’t be a stranger now you ol badger

   may 2021  

sea training

Crew mate Jessica Goddard makes the newspaper

your elmbridge

magazine feature

1st april 2021

  1st june 2021  

We are absolutely over the moon to share with you our newest team member. Formally known as The Crusader, this beautiful R45 Elite has completed one Atlantic crossing by the legends that are @lat35atlanticchallenge2020

She suffered a marlin strike last year, but it’s been beautifully repaired and she’s as good as new! Our theory is that if it’s been hit by a marlin once before, then what are the chances of a 2nd time?!

A big thanks to @rannochadventure for all their help securing our vessel!

Our adventure now really begins!

and we have a boat!

We were pleased to become a team of 4 and welcome Jessica Goddard to our team.

   28th nov 2020  

3 became 4

In Deep Ship's journey started as a trio, as Joe, Lauren and Jessica Mullins signed up for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in March 2020, a week before the UK went into its first national lockdown. 

   march 2020  


Banner High Res Logo.jpg

  15th may 2021  

the crew

are certified

We are now RYA certified to cross the Atlantic!

This is an important milestone, having completed the mandatory courses including Navigation, Sea Survival and First Aid. We are are now excited to put our skills into practice!

A big thank you to Sue, Tim & Sam from Seasports Southwest. And a special thanks to Sue for the daily batch of baked goods! 

We launched a May raffle to help raise money for  our campaign and raised £1700 in total. There were some great prizes up for grabs, donated from local business, and friends and family. The live raffle draw was announced on Instagram 21.05.2021

   may 2021  

raffle fundraiser

Golden Ticket.png

 11th feb 2021  

in deep ship

promo video launch!

A bit thank you to Ash Golder for making our promotional video possible. Our team were proud to launch our video on the 11th February which gives an insight into our team, the challenge and our charities!

After a few months of exploring different logo options we selected our final choice. We wanted a modern and crisp logo - we love the inclusion of the ocean boat outline and the compass needle is set near the readings we require to reach Antigua from La Gomera.

   27th june 2020  

logo launch