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 our crew 

Hello! We are Joe, Jess, Lauren and Jessica.

We are four friends and a British Rowing team achieving the extraordinary. We live an ocean away from each other - 

Joe lives in Dublin, Jessica in Vancouver, Lauren lives in London and Jess in Nuremburg.


We will push ourselves to our limits, train like athletes and hope we can inspire

others to follow their dreams - anything is possible with hard work and determination.

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joe lewis

Age: 34

Hometown: Aberystwyth

Location: Dublin


Aerospace Engineer

Key skills:

Coach, technical operations

Essential item on board: Toothbrush

Luxury item on board:

Foam roller

3 words to describe me:

Tenacious, confident and considerate

Jess - website.jpg

jess goddard

Age: 30

Hometown: Worthing

Location: Nuremburg


Footwear Designer

Key skills: Sponsorship and marketing liaison, nutritionist

Essential item on board: 

Shower gel & a flannel

Luxury item on board:

Letters from friends and family

3 words to describe me:

Curious, passionate and hard-working

Lauren - website.jpg

lauren hunt

Age: 34

Hometown: Sheffield

Location: London



Key skills: Chief designer, brand ambassador

Essential item on board: 

A bucket of sun-cream

Luxury item on board:

A fishing rod

3 words to describe me: Determined, enthusiastic and perservering

Mullins - website.png

Age: 31

Hometown: Cardiff

Location: Vancouver


Occupational Therapist

Key skills:

Skipper, social media co-ordinator

Essential item on board: Sea sickness tablets

Luxury item on board: Picture pillow of my family

3 words to describe me: 

Vivacious, driven and sassy

jessica mullins

our amazing support team

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ASH golder

Producer and Director, UK

Ash is a Broadcast Director and Producer for shows such as The One Show, Inside the Factory and The Bachelor.

We are happy that Ash has come on board to produce our promo video and continues to support the team in all things content creation.

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Andrew Tuovinen - Strength and Condition

Gus barton

Strength and Conditioning Coach, UK

Since 2014, Gus has been delivering tailor-made fitness plans through three core channels; Personal Training, Performance Training and Virtual Packages. Gus is now established as a renowned Kensington Personal Trainer.

Gus is working with In Deep Ship and has put together a tailored training programme for each crew member.


Andrew Tuovinen

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Canada

Andrew is a multi-sport endurance coach, competitive duathlete and triathlete.

Andrew is team member Jessica Mullin's personal trainer in Vancouver.


Anna Verdon - PR Consultant - A former n

Anna verdon

PR Consultant

Anna is a former national news journalist and features writer, now working full time as content editor for household names.


Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 21.45.54.png

andy king

Personal Trainer, UK

Andy provides one to one and small-group personal training sessions away from the traditional gym environment, and is based in and around Teddington in Surrey.

Andrew is coaching team member Lauren Hunt on a 1:1 basis.



Stuart clarke

Recovery Specialist, Cardiff

Stuart Clarke of Stuart Clarke Sports Centre, is based in Penarth and offers massage therapy to a wide range of audiences. From professional athletes to seasonal gardeners, the Sport Centre can enhance your wellbeing, improve your mobility and quite simply ease those aches and pains. 

Stuart is working with In Deep Ship to provide recovery advice to maximise our recovery between training sessions.


our boat

Formally known as The Crusader, our boat is a beautiful R45 Elite which has completed one Atlantic crossing in 2020
A big thanks to Rannoch Adventure for all their help securing our vessel!

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