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 our charities 

We’ve decided to come together and push ourselves for charities we all believe in and like us our charities span the globe. We aim to raise £60,000 which will be split equally between Crisis UK, Covenant House Vancouver and Anthony Nolan.

Crisis and Covenant House are two charities that support the Homeless community. Our third charity, Anthony Nolan, finds stem cell transplants for people with blood cancer.


All three charities strive to give people a fresh start and the four of us believe that if they can do incredible things then perhaps we can too.


You can donate to our charities via our JustGiving Page:

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Homelessness in the UK has been on the rise each and every year. During 2020, we have been made especially aware of how the Covid-19 pandemic has made the homeless community especially vulnerable, but we have seen individuals, government, and industry work together to achieve the extraordinary, like finding temporary housing for thousands in the span of a few weeks. As lockdown is easing, many people face returning to the streets or to uncertain or unstable living situations, and some are being pushed to the brink of homelessness for the first time. We believe in Crisis UK’s vision that in a 21st century Britain, everybody should have a place to live and a place to call home.

Crisis UK is a vital resource for the communities that need a helping hand to get back on a path of stable living, and we are proud to be supporting such an important charity.

covenant house

Covenant House is a residential crisis programme who welcome homeless, runaway and at-risk youth between the ages of 16 and 24 in Vancouver. They provide compassion and support as caring adults, and a chance to start fresh. 

Along with safe, supported housing, young people receive food, clothing and hygiene supplies. They can also receive substance misuse counselling, treatment for mental illness and support with finding a job and a safe place to live when they leave us.

Young people can stay in the Residential Crisis Program free of charge for as long as they need to because getting through a crisis takes as long as it takes. When out of their crisis, many young people apply to their long-term supportive transitional housing program, 'Right's of Passage' which allows us to provide them with support in an environment that feels like home.

anthony nolan


Anthony Nolan match incredible individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people who desperately need lifesaving transplants.

They conduct groundbreaking research to improve the success rates of transplants and improve the lives of all people with blood cancer, are there with support, advice and information for people with blood cancer and their families and educate young people about the lifesaving difference they can make by joining our register.​

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