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   JULY 2021  


IN DEEP SHIP are excited to have teamed up with RUNDERWEAR, who are leading the way when it comes to seamless and anti-chafing running underwear; holding onto the title of ‘Best Underwear & Socks Brand’ for the last 3 years (The Running Awards). But - even more exciting for us, their products are transferable to meet our Ocean Rowing needs.

We had heard the fabric Merino from a handful of past teams who had highly recommended we check it out and bring some underwear with us for our crossing. We got in touch with Runderwear whose entire story is built upon eliminating the issue of chafing within the sporting community. They even come with a chafe-free guarantee! They offer an affordable and premium range of anti-chafing products and of particular interest to us…their special merino line.


Chaffing can be a serious issue in the Ocean Rowing world, with many resulting in chucking their clothes in the cabin and rowing naked to mitigate it. Runderwear have kindly sponsored us and provided the team with a range of male and female merino underwear and socks, which will help to eliminate this and in turn will save us from having to stare at each others bare bottoms for weeks on end.

So, what the heck is Merino we hear you ask?

Merino performance wool is made of natural wool from highly prized and very cute Merino sheep (see cute picture), which are a breed originally established from Spain. Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool. It’s unique in that it absorbs odor caused by bacteria, trapping their smell and keeping them from building up – lovely eh! This means you can wear this clothing for longer without having to worry about you ponging!


During our crossing, we will be out at sea for up to 60 days, rowing for 12 hours/day and with the restriction of only being able to bring a handful of belongings with us. Let’s face it, without a restroom and exposed to the elements, we are going to get pretttttty smelly…!

Joe Lewis, Crewmate of IN DEEP SHIP has been checking out the boxer briefs and this is what he had to say:

“The briefs, in short, are excellent! Very comfortable and... supportive i.e. they aren't pants! I've had the pleasure of ERG’ing in them and have nay blisters of the posterior variety to report. It’s a thumbs up from me!”

During our recent team training, the ladies of IN DEEP SHIP tested out the Merino Hipster, socks and the boxer style. YES, that’s right - male boxers! (Ladies - let’s not pretend that you haven’t worn your partners boxers… they are so darn comfy!)

This is what Jessica Mullins, Skipper of team IN DEEP SHIP had to say: “The boxer style are a game changer if you ask me. I practically wear them around the clock, mainly as shorts when training on the boat. They are cozy, breathable, they look good and despite a lack of showers, they kept me feeling fresh for longer. I plan to live in them during our Atlantic crossing”.

So overall what’s the crack (pun intended)? Well… Merino wool is certainly nature’s performance fiber, fit for not only any ocean rower, but any endurance athlete looking to get the most out of their training.

If you are a competitive athlete or simply an active individual, then its safe to say everyone should own some merino underwear! #GAMECHANGER

To purchase all things Runderwear, go to

or hit up their Instagram handle @teamrunderwear

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